Valley Christian Schools’ Robotics Program promotes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as teamwork and leadership in an exciting, hands-on, and practical environment. This is an excellent opportunity in which students can build vital foundational skills for advanced education and future careers.

  The WarriorBorgs Teams 2891 and 3256, in partnership with the FIRST™ Organization, compete to design, fabricate, program, and drive robots. Teams work closely together, following corporate organizational and process models, employing business principles which include program and project management, inventory control, budgets, safety, graphic arts, web design, and business controls. Teams engage in outreach, spreading the idea of STEM education in an engaging way to local schools, expositions, and international venues, facilitating summer programs in South America.

Students will achieve the following:

-Apply engineering design processes and program management, including business practice through project and budget management, purchasing practices, and real-time inventory control systems
-Use learned programming skills
-Fabricate robots and sub-assemblies with state-of-the-art tools and machinery
-Design and fabricate electronic power systems for robots
-Develop and perfect presentation skills, including writing, editing, and public speaking

Equipment and Software:

-Dedicated CAD 16G RAM with Nvidia Quadro Graphic cards workstations and AutoDesk™ Inventor™ Software
-Fully equipped machine shop including a Harding lathe, Bridgeport CNC 2 axis mill, drill press, bandsaw, shear, break and power and hand tools
-2,000 sq. ft. lab building/practice facilities
-3D Printer and oversize 24” printer
-Mobile lab facility (14ft fully-equipped trailer), used to support remote competitions
-Vinyl printer and cutter
-Coil binding equipment for all documents

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